Startup success depends on sound strategy and decision making  based on data, experience and instinct.

While many startups have a strong culture of “do whatever it takes”, most of the sales and rain-making is done by the heroic efforts of its founders. However, what worked well with fewer than 40 employees becomes chaotic and less effective as companies enter their growth phase. This is when organizations must actively address:

  • Cultures
  • Training
  • Product Management
  • Process and Procedures

Our team of executives has years of global leadership experience helping dozens of technology companies build, grow and scale; we deliver that expertise directly to our clients.

From our initial assessment and recommendations to the execution of a focused plan, TS2 advises emerging technology companies on growth strategies required to realize their vision and ensure their success.

Our strategy offering includes:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Organizational Planning
  • Compensation Strategy
  • Culture Assessment and Development
  • Corporate Development and M&A
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Process Development
  • Training Development
  • Marketing
  • Interim Management