Marketing is an essential ingredient in the formula for success of any business. Your marketing team will be responsible for a wide range of tasks, ranging from designing and launching corporate communications to implementing your digital marketing mix. Over the course of a Marketing Director’s career, they will need to delicately handle thousands of tough questions and scenarios. 

Realistically, no other department within your organization will have a greater impact on the bottom line of your business. One wrong marketing move can, quite literally, cost billions of dollars. One right move can launch your start-up to the moon (or Mars.)

Unless you are a personal marketing expert or you hold a degree in Human Resources, it is absolutely essential to consider enlisting the aid of a marketing recruitment agency when it’s time to grow your marketing and creative team.

Here are three significant reasons your organization needs to consider signing on with a marketing recruitment agency:

Marketing Recruiters Have Access to a MASSIVE Talent Pool

This massive talent pool is highly specialized in the field of marketing and myriad other specializations within it. Marketing recruitment agencies also have access to an extended network of other recruiting agencies and educational institutions where the brightest and the best are found.

Marketing Recruiters KNOW the Marketing Industry, Inside & Out

Marketing recruiters meet both of the previously mentioned requirements. They specialize in human resources and have a solid understanding of what firms are looking for in marketing professionals and how to identify it when it’s presented. This helps avoid a lot of potential pitfalls when hiring a marketing professional, such as the mistake of buying-in to an overly-confident pitch that can’t be backed up. Marketing recruiters know how to identify the difference between those candidates who dazzle with brilliance rather than baffle with bologna, which is evident to an experienced professional within the first 5 minutes of a conversation; it’s all about asking the right questions, and knowing what to listen for.

Marketing Recruiting Agencies Powerfully Vet Their Candidates & Research References

If you took a poll of business executives as to whether they’ve ever hired a candidate without fully checking references and employment histories, a surprising number of hands would go up. The fact is, executives are busy people with demanding schedules. Advertising employment opportunities, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews and then conducting the actual interviews is incredibly time-consuming. After all of that trouble, it’s tempting to just hire who you like the best, without investing a few more minutes to see if they are quite as awesome as you hope they are.

Recruitment professionals are in this business to find the best candidates that match the skills and qualifications you need for the salary you’re willing to pay and they stake their reputations on it.

If you need more reasons why your business can benefit from a marketing recruitment agency, check out TS2’s  blog or contact us today to help guard against the pitfalls of hiring without doing the necessary homework.