There is a tiny town in northern Minnesota lake country, far enough north that when people get Canadian coins mixed in with their loose change they seldom notice and they never care. Restaurants abound in the region, but most are located in or near the resorts that dot the landscape. There are only two places to eat in this particular hamlet, located about a block from one another off of the two-lane state highway that serves as the main drag through town. For hungry visitors there is little to set them apart, and at first glance one would assume that they both offer traditional if unremarkable Midwestern meat and potatoes fare. But look any closer and the differences abound.



Visitors who bother to search the web for recommendations and reviews notice that one place has the web presence of any typical small-town diner. There’s a photo of the building, a PDF of the menu, and not much else. The place down the road, however, has a website that stands out. A clever logo incorporates the region’s Scandinavian heritage. A photo of the town’s main street 100 years ago suggests the notion of community, continuity and constancy, though the bar and grill itself opened in 2011. At the bottom of the page there is a nod toward the statewide tradition of amateur baseball — nearly extinct almost everywhere but thriving in Minnesota, with over 300 teams taking the field every summer — offering players their first beer free if they visit in uniform. The website is not completely polished but it’s clear that some effort went into it, and anybody looking for a place to eat would be hard-pressed to resist its charm. You can’t help but think that if somebody in this little town, at this little restaurant, went out of their way to focus on making their website so engaging, how dedicated must they be to their menu?


Just looking at the two establishments from the road, it might be a coin flip as to which restaurant in town you’d choose. The website, however, makes it a no-brainer. It helps that the food is excellent; that keeps ’em coming back. But the website gets you in the door.


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