The video game industry is an exciting field. Rapid developments in technology have led to the creation of new and exciting jobs available within the field, some of which have little to do with actual game development. But let’s not overlook the more traditional jobs within the industry! Design director jobs are still among the most desirable jobs in video game development. Do you want to dip your feet in the water? Here are 4 skills that are absolutely essential if you want to get a job in this competitive arena.Are you looking to take the next step in your career in the video game industry? If so, you may be browsing through and researching design director jobs. Allow us to help you! Here are some essential skills you’ll need when applying to become a developer’s design director. Surprise: some of them have nothing to do with video games!

  1. People Skills. As a design director, your primary responsibility will be to manage a team of game designers. That means, above all, knowing how to handle leading a team, offer constructive criticism, and promote a constructive work environment. It also means keeping a constant watch over the various parts of your team, as well as the team as a whole; both your team members and your superiors will look to you as the guiding force behind completing the project.
  2. Presentation Skills. As a design director, you’re not just responsible for getting your team to work efficiently and in concert. You will also have to report your team’s developments and findings to your supervisors and, in some cases, stakeholders. Knowing how to present results effectively to a crowd while keeping them interested and answering their questions is absolutely crucial.
  3. Technical Skills. Of course, both managing a team and showcasing its results to others makes credibility absolutely crucial. No team of game designers wants to report to someone who doesn’t know the technical intricacies  of what they’re doing. Having at least a basic knowledge of the areas of expertise within your team, from graphics engines to coding and scriptwriting, can go a long way toward success.
  4. Passion. A genuine passion for the video game industry and its products may not be technically required by many companies, but becomes invaluable during both the interview and the actual job. Depending on your project, you may spend long weeks and even nights thinking about a specific character’s facial design and how it relates to the game you’re developing. A passion for gaming will be what keeps you going and motivated, while also helping your team understand where you’re coming from.

If you possess these skills, there’s nothing standing in the way to becoming a design director for video games! Just contact us, and we’ll guide you through the steps.