About Us

Based in the heart of Silicon Beach on the west side of Los Angeles, TS2 is a unique strategic business development firm that advises technology startups and makes connections to the capital, talent and relationships they need to grow.
Through its partnerships with venture funding source and an extensive network of technology talent, TS2 helps founders and CEOs acquire the talent and investment needed to scale with disciplined, controlled growth. For technology professionals, TS2 creates helps make well-timed connections to help advance their career goals.
Led by international technology executive Yoshimi Iyadomi Shinohara, TS2 is the US growth platform of the publicly-held global HR services giant Persol Group. Through its Temp Innovation Fund and access to other funding sources, TS2 actively makes strategic investments in HR technologies and the US startup ecosystem.

TS2 Team

TS2’s team is comprised of several vertical industry experts in gaming, AR/VR, advertising/marketing, e-commerce, HR tech, Fintech and mobile technologies. With more than 20 years of experience, TS2 uses its size, credibility, international reach and deep industry relationships to make strategic introductions required to help companies and individuals succeed.
  • Yoshimi Iyadomi

    President / CEO

    Having Yoshiko Shinohara as her boss, aunt and mentor, Yoshimi Iyadomi believes that it’s her mission to help take the company Yoshiko has built to the next level; growing it globally and building service lines to create more jobs for the company, for herself and for everyone! Prior to launching TS Consulting International in 1996, she worked with Dentsu, General Motors and PDQ Personnel Services. Yoshimi attended Yokohama National University and earned a Bachelor’s degree at University of Oregon School of Journalism. Work hard, eat & drink well and play hard is her motto!
  • Tsuyoshi Hashiudo

    Vice President

    Tsuyoshi began his career as a Systems Engineer in the financial industry working in banking, investment and insurance systems. From there, he worked as a Systems Project Manager for the Postal Services Agency and the Ministry of Finance in Japan. He is familiar with programming languages such as VB, C, Java, HTML, etc., and is learning PHP, HTML5 and Flash to expand his knowledge. Tsuyoshi has successfully worked with companies such as Fujitsu, Sumitomo Electric, NTT, NEC, Konami, Voltage and many others. He has found success as a recruiter at TS2 with a focus on the IT, interactive gaming, and internet space.
  • Yuka Nakamura

    Recruiting Manager

    Yuka has been working as an Account Manager and Recruiter since 2006. She previously worked as a recruitment agent matching creative talent with client companies at a global creative recruiting agency in Tokyo and Nagoya. In late 2011, she transferred to this firm’s LA office and began developing relationships with Japanese businesses and bilingual candidates in the US. She joined at TS2/TSCI in 2013 and works with Japan based companies, interactive gaming and entertainment clients to engages exclusively in placing mid-level to executive-level professionals. During her free time she enjoys playing tennis, watching movies, traveling and creating fun events for creators and friends.
  • Maulik Tolia

    Account Manager/ Recruiter

    Originally from India, Maulik moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago and joined the TSCI team in 2015. Maulik likes working for TSCI because TSCI is a great team to work with, supervisors lets you do your job and makes you more responsible for your own results. A Stratford University graduate with a Masters in Marketing and HR, Maulik loves match making which is why he’s a recruiter. On his free time outside the office, Maulik enjoys watching movies, travelling, cooking, eating chocolate cheerios, and has a passionate interest in technology and sci-fi.
  • Elizabeth Perez

    Administrative Assistant

    Elizabeth joined TS2/TSCI while still attending CSU-Dominguez Hills. Elizabeth has been putting her researching skills to good use, keeping TS2/TSCI’s systems and team up-to-date of developments in the ever-changing world of Tech and Gaming. She supports the Account Managers and Recruiters to find the best candidates for the right job. She loves cooking and during her free time, likes going out to try new kinds of food.
  • Vanessa Montes

    Human Resources / Internal Recruitment

    Vanessa graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Communication, minor in Studio Art and certification in Human Resources. She joined TS2 in 2014 focusing on recruiting for the tech, mobile, gaming and social media space. When not recruiting, you can find Vanessa painting, trying new foods, jamming at hip-hop/oldies concerts with friends, bonding with her two dogs and now hitting the gym with her new membership.
  • Clair Olson

    Chief Operations Officer

    Clair has over 20 years of experience in international business, including consulting, marketing, mergers & acquisitions, training, and management. He has a passion for diversity, disparate cultures, general chaos, and change. He has lived and worked in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and speaks Japanese fluently. At TS2 he is focusing on reorganizing and growing the US subsidiary organically and inorganically strengthening its position as Temp Holdings Group’s platform for growth in the west. He also works directly with Temp Innovation Fund, sourcing and incubating start-ups and other investments in North America. Prior to joining TS2, he assisted in the launch of Crunchr, a big-data HR reporting and analytics platform, in North America and Japan, working with large professional services firms where he established regional client management, M&A, and marketing functions. Clair graduated with a B.A. from the University of Utah, and a master’s degree from the University of London, Birkbeck College, in Organizational Behavior.
  • Laura Ospina

    Technical Recruiter

    Laura moved to Los Angeles in 2015. She is a graduated Psychologist form Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia with an HR management Certificate form Loyola Marymount University and has been a recruiter for different multinational companies, mostly recruiting IT profiles. She joined TS2 in 2017 as an Executive Tech Recruiter to be part of a wonderful growing team. In her free time she is a music lover, Frontend dev trainee, works in psychology research projects, reads a lot and hangs out with her puppy.
  • Joseph Ha

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Meet Joseph Ha: Star Wars enthusiast, swimmer extraordinaire, MG/YA book guru, and all-round game aficionado. He graduated out of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, double majored in Psychology and English with honors in Computer Science. Now, he’s one of TS2’s technical researchers, giving the heads-up on the current tech/gaming industries and gathering the right people for the right jobs. Outside the office? You’ll find him watching movies, practicing taekwondo, writing books, and playing the living juice out of games on his PS4. Personal game favorites include Overwatch, the Persona series, the Legend of Zelda, Journey, Uncharted, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdom Hearts, and the list goes on and on…but please, call him Joe.
  • Todd Arky

    Senior Technical Recruiter / Business Development

    A native of California, Todd graduated from Colorado State University in 2015 with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.). He joined TS2 in 2017 and specializes in recruiting for the AdTech, Mobile App Development, VR/AR, and AI/Machine Learning space. During his free time, you can find Todd listening to live music, snowboarding, hiking, watching TV/Movies, eating sushi, traveling, and enjoying time with friends.
  • Omar Ochoa

    Technical Recruiter

    Omar is part of TS2’s top notch Tech recruiting team. He specializes in finding top talent across various verticals in the tech/gaming space. Previously he worked as a Technical Recruiter, focused on finding and hiring top Software Developers, Programmers, Web Developers, Engineers, Data Analysts, as well as SaaS sales representatives for Internet Brands’ vast portfolio of web companies in various verticals. Prior to that, he was an Assistant Manager for Enterprise Holdings where he managed branch operations and led his sales team to prospect and close new accounts. Additionally, he managed the largest Enterprise Rent-A-Car location in the world at LAX with over 80 direct reports and over 10,000 customer transactions per week.
  • Masakazu Nagane

    Technical Recruiter

    Masa joined TS2 in 2017 and has hit the ground running since. He is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Cinema. Albeit coming from a media production background he has combined his people skills and sales experience to become a full-fledged Technical Recruiter specializing in the startup tech space. Outside of work, Masa strives to become a modern renaissance man by fostering his hobbies and interests. He goes by a plethora of different titles and labels such as: photographer, soccer player, judoka, writer, botanist, and sake connoisseur.
  • Noah Lee

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Hi. My name is Noah. Just Noah. If you’re reading this, then I commend your commitment. I will strive to reward your dedication with as many words as I can. I am a brother to my sister first and foremost, a bibliophile next, and a student always. My business card says Talent Acquisition Specialist, but if you read between the lines, it will also mention some marketing duties, some database integrity headscratching, and a liberal sprinkling of ping pong. I enjoy chasing la volupte, finding le mot juste, and using foreign phrases like I actually know what they mean. And while we’re at it, disproportionately sized objects, epilogues, magnets, alliteration, and things that spin. As for my future, I plan on being a pioneer. Because if you never do anything that nobody’s done, then you’ll only be better than nobody.

Our Clients

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